Social Activites

• Producing Documentary Films in needed areas and Submitting to the required Departments.
• Helping the Helpless.
• Selecting and Encouraging Youth’s Talent in Urban Slums by conducting Competitions.
• Serving the Community from disasters by Creating awareness Programs

Basically I am a B.Tech Software Professional, but I changed my profession to media after visualizing the needs of the people. The only way to solve the social problem of the people is through Media. I used Media as an effective tool to solve the problems from 2003. So my intention is to help the community below poverty line and to the needed people.My Social and Community Based films was about
(i) The Neglected North Chennai.
(ii)The Basin Bridge Subway.
(iii) Negative aspects in Garbage dumping yard.
(iv) Dusk of the Displaced.
(v) Pollution and Environment.
(vi) Buckingham Canal.
These films where shown to the concerned departments, immediate suitable measures where taken. They are described as follows
(1) The first step taken after seeing the film “The Neglected North Chennai” a Compound Wall was constructed covering the whole Garbage dumping yard, which is around 125 acres.